Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Picnic Thyme

I have a dear friend who has started a small business called 'Picnic Thyme'. She makes up gourmet picnic baskets and sets the 'scene' at your chosen venue. All you have to do is arrive, relax and enjoy your picnic!
Fabulous idea! She sponsored a picnic for two at a recent charity event and asked me to make up a voucher for her to present to the winners. The basket 'decor' was black and white with little red bows, so I went with the theme and swapped the bow for a flower. I also made up a simple card trying to follow the name 'image', just in case she did not like the other card. I believe she went with the black and white version. Thanks Bridgit, for asking me to do this for you. I enjoyed the challenge!

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