Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pin Cushions ...... another passion!

 For some unknown reason, I just love pin cushions and making them! I have several, all different, some useful, others more pretty than useful, but every one dearly loved! I have one for my Teddy sewing, with my favorite thread colours attached around the outside. It looks something like a sputnik, but oh so practical and useful - washable too! Another, exactly the same design, for general sewing and the basic threads around the outside. Some have teddies on them, others have hand made lace covering them. Different sizes, shapes, in different materials - endless!
So now I have made two more.....

This one on the left has two different laces on it, satin ribbon with a satin ribbon rose I made, beautifully adorned with pearls, every one lovingly hand stitched on! In fact, the whole project is hand stitched.

This pin cushion on the right is a bigger version of the above.
Bad angled photo - actually has straight sides, covered with wide cotton lace and pretty pink satin ribbon threaded through the top of the lace. It has tiny rosebuds placed at intervals on the ribbon and a beautiful cameo and pink bow finishes it off.

I have reached the stage where I can't keep nor use any more pin cushions, but can't stop making them. Therefore, I am offering these two for sale, and will gladly take commissions from anyone interested. Please contact me should you want more details and/or photographs. My contact details are on the blog.

Thanks for the visit!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Swaps - How I display them....

I have managed to take part in several swaps this year and have thoroughly enjoyed them!
One problem that crops up when you do these swaps, is what to do with them all. Well, this year I decided I would enjoy the current one's and when the time comes, I will file them for later inspiration.
What I have done with several of them, is place them onto big rings, all prettied up with ribbon bows, charms  and the likes, and I have hung them on the cupboard door handles in my work room. You will see below, the Vintage Tag swap, the One Layer Card swap and hanging behind that, I have my Backgrounds swap from last year, that is so very handy, I like to have it near by for inspiration, therefore it has never been filed. The Easel ATC swap I have just received back, is now on the door. I placed ribbon onto the inside of the door with tape and flipped it up and over to the front of the door and have take the ATC's and pegged them onto the ribbon. I have three rows with them on. I have also taken past swaps, just my cards, and pasted them onto a board and placed that onto another door.
So now I can enjoy mine and my friends work as it is easily accessible. Often, I will take one ring down and sit and page through them and enjoy the beauty of each work of art, all over again!
I hope this inspires you to keep your artwork close by so you can enjoy and appreciate your own creativity!

Friday, August 17, 2012

At last...past 50 followers!

I have been sitting on 49 followers for months and logged in tonight to find I have two new followers and am up to 51!
I don't do many challenges or offer freebies, mainly because I blog for my own pleasure and I like to share me endeavors, so I don't expect to have a huge number following my blog.
Thank you for your interest and support and I do hope I inspire you occasionally with my crafting.
Enjoy the weekend and make something that makes you happy!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Reorganising Embossing Folders

I have been trying to find ways to consolidate some of my stash. One area that was out of hand was the number of boxes holding my embossing folders - far too many for the area designated to them. I had to do something. I came across this idea on my 'travels', so cannot claim the fame!
I used old card stock samples from a paper supply company, cut them in half so that they fitted into the embossing folders and ran each folder with card through my Cuttlebug. I then wrote the name of the folder and any other relevant details onto the top of the card and numbered each card and the corresponding folder. I punched a hole into the left top corner and filed them onto a big ring so that there is lots of room to 'flip' through them. The folders were filed in numerical order and all fitted into one container, discarding two of the same size! What a bonus, space wise. The small folders were a problem, so I kept them in the original packaging, but cut off the bottom third of the backing board, leaving all the details on the top and trimmed the acetate folder down as well. They are at the back of the box. I have kept  all the packaging in the 'junk' room, as the card backs are great to use as shims and the acetate can be trimmed and used in so many projects - no waste!
I love that you can flip through the embossed cards and really see the embossing. It will save time and I am sure, frustration, when looking for the right folder.

I did something similar with my punches. See this post....
I must admit that I am way behind in updating my punch swatches. Too much shopping......

I do hope this has inspired you to reclaim some space in your creative area.

Enjoy the week-end and thanks for the visit!

Saturday, August 4, 2012


I had a little fun yesterday, with left over scraps and a chipboard 'Love" blank.
It's been a while since I just 'played' and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Enjoy your week-end.