Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pin Cushions ...... another passion!

 For some unknown reason, I just love pin cushions and making them! I have several, all different, some useful, others more pretty than useful, but every one dearly loved! I have one for my Teddy sewing, with my favorite thread colours attached around the outside. It looks something like a sputnik, but oh so practical and useful - washable too! Another, exactly the same design, for general sewing and the basic threads around the outside. Some have teddies on them, others have hand made lace covering them. Different sizes, shapes, in different materials - endless!
So now I have made two more.....

This one on the left has two different laces on it, satin ribbon with a satin ribbon rose I made, beautifully adorned with pearls, every one lovingly hand stitched on! In fact, the whole project is hand stitched.

This pin cushion on the right is a bigger version of the above.
Bad angled photo - actually has straight sides, covered with wide cotton lace and pretty pink satin ribbon threaded through the top of the lace. It has tiny rosebuds placed at intervals on the ribbon and a beautiful cameo and pink bow finishes it off.

I have reached the stage where I can't keep nor use any more pin cushions, but can't stop making them. Therefore, I am offering these two for sale, and will gladly take commissions from anyone interested. Please contact me should you want more details and/or photographs. My contact details are on the blog.

Thanks for the visit!


  1. Beautiful Moz! You are so creative, I love the lace and roses. I am trying my hand on pin cushions a few times but mine are not as pretty as yours. I think I'll hide mine :-)
    Amelia x

  2. These are really beautiful Moz. Love them. So vintage looking. hugs Sharon x


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