Friday, August 10, 2012

Reorganising Embossing Folders

I have been trying to find ways to consolidate some of my stash. One area that was out of hand was the number of boxes holding my embossing folders - far too many for the area designated to them. I had to do something. I came across this idea on my 'travels', so cannot claim the fame!
I used old card stock samples from a paper supply company, cut them in half so that they fitted into the embossing folders and ran each folder with card through my Cuttlebug. I then wrote the name of the folder and any other relevant details onto the top of the card and numbered each card and the corresponding folder. I punched a hole into the left top corner and filed them onto a big ring so that there is lots of room to 'flip' through them. The folders were filed in numerical order and all fitted into one container, discarding two of the same size! What a bonus, space wise. The small folders were a problem, so I kept them in the original packaging, but cut off the bottom third of the backing board, leaving all the details on the top and trimmed the acetate folder down as well. They are at the back of the box. I have kept  all the packaging in the 'junk' room, as the card backs are great to use as shims and the acetate can be trimmed and used in so many projects - no waste!
I love that you can flip through the embossed cards and really see the embossing. It will save time and I am sure, frustration, when looking for the right folder.

I did something similar with my punches. See this post....
I must admit that I am way behind in updating my punch swatches. Too much shopping......

I do hope this has inspired you to reclaim some space in your creative area.

Enjoy the week-end and thanks for the visit!


  1. Good tip Moz. Thanks for sharing xx

  2. How wonderfully organized and it makes creating so much easier!! :)...I love your "love" banner in the post below!


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