Saturday, February 22, 2014

Meet Noah Harley Roberts

I'm just beginning to grasp the fact that I am a Gogo (Zulu term for Granny!)

Born on 17th February at 1:07pm, to my darlings Neil and Carolyn in Cape Town, South Africa, Noah Harley Roberts made an early entry into this world, by 9 days! Perfect in every way - Thanks be to our amazing God!

Weighed in at 2,97 Kg's and 51cm tall, natural delivery by an awesome Mom, who stuck it out! Well done Caro. You are a special lady.
"OK, I'm fine.... stop prodding me...!"
A very supportive and loving husband and father to be, was present right from the first contraction, until he was kicked out late at night on that special day.
'I promise to always love you Dad'
He even took his shirt off so Noah could enjoy the skin contact. I will never ever forget this photo, of father and son making that special 'connection'. Noah knew his voice because Neil used to read Bible stories to him every night in the 'womb'. 
Does this photo not move you too?

" time for a nap - hard work drinking is"
"here we go again...more photo's..."
Oh Mom, you smell so nice I  could eat you...)

I have never seen so much happiness and joy on Caro's face since their wedding day!

Back home again, all dressed up in his Superman outfit!

"Guess I'd better call Gogo..."

"Gogo, where are you? answer your cell..."

"At last - Hello Gogo, It's me Noah......why you
It has been a truly emotional week for me. For all sorts of reason, we were unable to be with them at the birth, but have been so, so spoilt by the proud parents, with photo's and face time, every day. It has been amazing and except for being able to touch Noah and hold him, we have shared so much of him and his little milestones already, we feel truly blessed!

On the crafting front, I've been exceptionally busy with classes coming out of my ears. I do have lot's to share, but just to find time to edit photo's and do the blog posts. Will be up to speed soon....I hope!

I've missed you all and thank those who have 'checked up' on me. Bless you!
Enjoy your weekend and lots of hugz