Noah News!

October 2014
It's all about texture!

Four Generations!
In June, we were blessed to have the whole family together for a
family wedding! Here is my Dad, Me, Neil and Noah! I'll treasure
this picture!

So happy to have my boy in my arms!

Come Fly with Me!

One of my most favorite photo's of Noah!

May into June 2014

Hi all.  I just have to share some awesome photos of our darling Noah. 
We are so lucky to have a daughter in law who is a whizz with her camera and a darling grandson who is not at all camera shy! We get daily videos and photos sent to us and you will often find us biddies relaxing in the evening, with a cup of coffee in one hand and our iPhones in the other, each enjoying the days videos! We feel so blessed sharing all his milestones through technology, even with so many miles between us!  Thanks Caro!

Ready for the Game against Wales!

Another on bites the dust! What's next folks??

Ok,! So it's exercise time?

Cousin Taylor studying me.......Girls!!

Ok Mom - enough of the camera story!

My buddy and me!

Discussing the plot!
Wish they were closer ....
Enough of this modeling Mom!

That was a hoot! Onto Matilda now hey Dad??

I smell milk......

Tummy full, warm and snug .......

March into April 2014

Since last we chatted, we have been to visit our beautiful Grandson, Noah, in Cape Town. We had planned to spend all our holiday with him, but fate stepped in and I went down with a dreadful cold/flu and was very stressed about it, which didn't help! 
I did however get to meet our little boy when we arrived and had one more visit with him before he too caught the bug, and we were banned! I felt dreadful about it, but the damage was done and sadly the little one had to cope with his first cold/chest infection. I do have a few pictures of our time with Noah and hope you will enjoy them. I'm delighted to tell you that he is now fully recovered, feeding very well and filling out beautifully.
Gogo rubbing the tummy!

Settling the boy for a nap!

Our first Hug - I couldn't be happier!

A wind, but Gogo had the right 'pat' to break it!

A little bit of tummy rubbing always helps!

Today Noah is 1 month old! It seems like forever he has been around. He certainly has filled my mind every minute of every day, and even Grumps asks every afternoon when he arrives home from work, "heard from the kids? How is Noah?" Seems this gorgeous little bundle has crept into our hearts and is taking over all the space!
We will be visiting him shortly and we can't wait to cuddle and kiss him. We have lots planned with him, besides the cuddles and kisses. We hope to take him for long walks and to babysit as much as possible, so Mom and Dad can catch up on much needed, uninterrupted sleep! Keen to see if us old codgers still have the touch! 
So, here is a photo of our boy at 1 month old!

"I'm how old Mom??"

Sunday morning sleep in!

Hi folks!

This will be my  brag book for my precious Noah Harley Roberts! Maybe one day I will be blessed with another beautiful grandchild to add to this page!

Such a proud Dad with his
precious boy!

'They'd better not wake me now...'
That smile says it all
 - Happiness Personified!

'Dad, you can borrow my shirt....'
...but Mom, I don't want to play
'Ok Ok! give me a few seconds
 to think about it'


  1. Just keep the photos coming so that we can keep track of this gorgeous boy. Love always Maureen

  2. Awhhhhhhh Moz ......... he is sooooo sooooo sweet!

  3. Oh Moz he is so beautiful! Can see a lot of Daddy there! Have a fantastic time - enjoy every moment. xx Terri

  4. Lovely photos Moz. Noah is already a charmer with those beautiful eyes!


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