Saturday, July 27, 2013

'Water, water, everywhere...."

.... but  nor any drop to drink"  The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
 by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Now this was a challenge to me!

I know that almost every card maker hits a wall occasionally, but for me, this card created a head-on collision! It all started with me thinking along the lines of 'using what I've got' and that would be several more images of the vintage bathing beauties that was part of my download purchase for the "Flag" card from a couple of challenges ago - here is the link. So I started on another tag card and had reached the part where I needed to consider a sentiment of sorts. Wanting to keep within the theme of the challenge, I Googled 'Water, water everywhere...' and up popped the details regarding the rhyme I have quoted above. OMW! now I am confused. Perhaps there is more to the 'challenge' than meets the eye, thinks I, and I screech on brakes with the tag card and have a rethink! Perhaps Cec is wanting to see if we pick up on this.... Perhaps I need to reconsider my card.... Perhaps I have missed a 'hint' somewhere??? OMW!! So, now the hunt starts. Ships, boats, vintage, water, lots of water, sailors,...... not a stamp in my stash that fits in with any of the aforementioned. Now what! Off I go looking at digi's to color. Nothing takes my fancy, all to 'cute' and I know how Cec feels about 'cute', so not going there! I test her patience enough as it! OK, now what? So lets see if I can find a good colored digital image I can work around. Eventually I found a couple, but now what?? I need to 'work' this image. What do I do??

That my dear friends was the prelude to this card hitting my blog. Yes, I used the colored digital image. No, I could not find a way to 'work' it so that I got all the elements in that I felt related to the rhyme and challenge, so, I stepped back from it at this stage and ask your forgiveness and understanding. I could not do another thing with it. Now, and it is way too late, I see I could have cut up the sails and 3-D'd them. It may have changed it a lot, but it's not going to happen now! So I am going with the card as it is, with my doubts about it, but happy that I did pick up the 'link', whether it was meant to be or not and hope that Cec and my teamies understand where I was coming from and forgiving where it lead to!
Here is the 'masterpiece'......

Even the photographs are left wanting! Other than the image, I used a compass from a Tim Holtz set, stamped on acetate and backed with with gold card, some awesome twine and a button from my Gran's button bottle that has an anchor on it. 

Please would you link up with my teamies (see links in the side bar) and take a look at their awesome creations and after digesting it all, please join in the challenge. I will be very interested to see how everyone interprets it!

Thank you so much for indulging me with my insecurities. I do hope this brought on a smile or giggle. Even at the age of 60, I still think and act like a kid at times....ha-ha!!
I always appreciate your visits!

Oh, and by the way, this was the 4th card I settled on! It took me most of last weekend, can you believe it??
I will post the tag I spoke about above, next week, just for a laugh!

Take care and lots of hugz


  1. Hi Moz! This is a very handsome card, strong and masculine! Beautiful image and I like that you used the name of our new challenge in the quotation! Very clever. Wishing you calm seas today!

  2. I think it's gorgeous! Truly pops off the page ....

  3. Oh Moz, I really enjoyed reading your post. How many times have I not been in the same dilemma. I take my hat off to you for attempting it 4x... Uithouer wen, as they say in Afrikaans hey! Well done on a sterling effort. I for one think there is nothing wrong with this card. Love it! hugs Sharon x

  4. HI Moz, sorry to hear you struggled with this challenge,I'm glad I'm not the only one who can't find what to do, I ussually have a working progress on my desk for the best part of a week before I finish it and then I'm never happy with the result so I guess we both have our insecurities. Love the added twine really makes the card pop

  5. I think it looks fantastic, love the scene you made.

  6. This is such a "classy" vintage card Moz! I am sure all four cards are equally as beautiful as this one. Love the beautiful image and the added compass.
    Amelia x

  7. Gosh that's really beautiful Moz, a truly beautiful scene! Hugs, Ira x

  8. Gorgeous dramatic card, sorry it challenged you so much but I bet you have a BUNCH of gorgeous cards now!

  9. Hello Moz, I love this card! It was definately worth the strain you put on the brain, LOL

  10. Well the end result was a good one so your efforts paid off

  11. Moz you are hilarious although I can definitely relate to your tale. Great card.

  12. Oh Moz, I feel your pain! At least you came up with something, I would have turned up empty handed for sure! Love that image and the "rope" embellishments look awesome! Now it sounds like you should take a break as you must be exhausted! :))


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