Friday, July 5, 2013

Page 1......

I have been wanting to start an Art Journal for ages now, but it has been so intimidating! I've been laying awake at night thinking about what to start with, how I was going to do it, with what mediums etc....

I've been all over the Internet, reading blog posts, visiting sites that offer starter courses, watching You Tube videos on how to get started and beyond that, but still was not able to kick start the project. I made a lovely little 4"x 4" Coptic Journal (love it!), bought El Cheapo water color pads, invested in a Moleskin Sketch Journal, & fished out some lovely Fabriano paper from my art folio. I rounded up paints, water color pencils, Distress Inks, Twinkling H2O's, in fact anything  and everything I thought I could work with in the journal, and placed it all on a desk in my craft room. Every day I just looked at it and walked away, disappointed that I just could not make a start.

Then a series of events/incidents happened that upset me deeply, tore at my soul, gripped my heart in a spasm, made me cry, sad, disillusioned, disappointed in my fellow human beings, made me question 'friendships' so badly, I needed to do something to let it all out. This morning, I realised that this was what I was waiting for, something that affected me so deeply I had to work it out of my system, and I sat down and started my first page. And so the healing begins......


  1. Happy Healing Moz .....
    You are one multi-talented chick.

  2. I can identify - It took me ages to get started. But once you do - its a fabulous, fun, and very therapeutic pastime. I love it. Enjoy the journey. lotsaluv

  3. This looks lovely Moz. I feel the same way about the Project Life/Sn@p. Something I'd love to tackle, just have no idea where to begin. I suppose I'd better get the tools though and then I can get started. It's like my brain has already worked it out, the body just needs to catch Sorry you're feeling sad and praying all will be resolved soon. Lots of hugs, Shazi xx

  4. Wonderful page the eye is amazing & the colours... Let the Healing begin Moz..... Stunning art... Hugs May x x x

  5. Oh Moz! You know I'm just around the corner.... I was wondering why you were so quiet! It's time for a coffee, just one more week then it's back to school and we will get together ok. I'm thinking of you and hoping that the ArtbJournaling will be a welcome outlet for you. It's a beautiful, heart wrenching start, don't stop. Sending you lots of love xxx Brenda

  6. I am sorry to read that you had a bad experience Moz.Wish I was nearby to help. The first page of your journal is absolutely gorgeous.You are so multi-talented!
    PS My left eye was done on Friday and the Doctor took off the flap today. Still sore and the vision is poor but the eye looks better than the previous one.

  7. Oh Moz... I, too, am so sorry to hear that you have gone through such a rough patch, I know only too well how that feels... Some 'friends' are undeserving of your love, thought and attention and others will stay with you for a lifetime, they're the real ones... In view of all this I am impressed with your first page, it is stunning and so very meaningful at the same time. Wishes, Ira x

  8. WOW, Moz, what a FABULOUS start to your Art Journal! SO impressive!
    (I've also been wanting to start.)
    OH, my heart goes out to you. I'm SO sorry you've been going through a difficult time.
    I'm so glad to know, that you have Sweet Brenda, just around the corner from you.
    Sending you BIG HUGS!


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