Friday, October 19, 2012

Cheap Christmas Gifts

I am teaching these two gifts during November. Both have been inspired by friends - Gail and Sharon - who have shared details of their projects with me and I have added my own touches to the projects, where I could. Thank you ladies! I appreciate your friendship and support.

Tissue Box Cover and Note Pads

The two projects are a tissue box cover made out of lovely shimmer card stock and a note pad that uses up scraps of patterned card stock.
Very cheap projects and lots of fun to make!

Tissue Box Cover 

The tissue box cover uses any embossing folders that you fancy. Obviously, a repeat pattern is better. I also used a Martha Stewart punch and some lovely rolled flower dies and stunning leaf dies, pearls and stickles! This would look lovely made up to suit the decor of different rooms and can be fun to make up for a child's room. The ideas are endless!

Thank you Gail for sharing this with me!

Note Pads

The next project is the delightful note pad from Sharon. She sent one to me for my birthday and I asked if I may use hers as inspiration and teach it in my class. She graciously agreed. Thank you Shaz!

This project is fabulous to make and I can understand how Sharon finds it so addictive and that her pads are in such demand in Cape Town.

I used scraps of matching card stock and tags and ribbon.
I placed a small calendar onto the inside cover of my pads.
Always nice to have a calendar for quick reference and these take up no space at all!

I'm now going to make a couple suitable for men. 
Even they need a note pad at times, although they profess to remember EVERYTHING!  Ha-ha......


  1. So lovely! Wouldn't mind to get both gifts in my Christmas stocking.
    Amelia x

  2. I can vouch for those note pads after seeing them IRL! They are gorgeous! And wow, that tissue box cover is really beautiful Moz! I just love all the detail you added.


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