Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Home Again......

.... after the most wonderful 10 days of family, fun and shopping!
We went up to Johannesburg to join up with my sister, brother and his family, to celebrate my darling Dad's 80th birthday! It was a blast. We stayed with my Dad and Step mom in Johannesburg and on Easter Sunday morning, after celebrating the wonder of the risen Lord, we motored through to Pretoria. My brother and his amazing wife, put together a spread fit for a 'king' on Easter Sunday, which happened to be Dad's birthday as well. We ate, and laughed, ate and laughed some more, shared happy moments, past and present, cried a little, ate a little more and just celebrated two momentous occasions for me, my Risen Lord and my Blessed Father here on earth. Dad was on form and had us in stitches and tears, but happy tears. Here is a photo of my 'King on Earth' getting into the swing of it all.
It was a lovely time, enjoyed by all. I'm looking  forward to seeing the rest of the photo's from my family. I'm sure they also captured some fun and that their photo's will be better than mine!

Now, in between all this build-up to the big birthday, I managed to get some 'retail therapy' done. My DH was the most amazing husband on this earth. He fetched and carried, waited patiently and on the odd occasion, not so patiently (not that I blame him), got tangled up with GPS instructions, bad directions from me (typical) but got me where I wanted to go and waited for me to finish my 'therapy'. I cannot believe that he did all this for me, and so lovingly too! How blessed am I??
I will fill you in with all that I did and what I saw and bought another time, but for now, a photo of my desk loaded with my purchases. I have removed what I bought and brought back for friends. Now, before you fall off your perch, I have been saving for month's for this splurge, so don't judge me harshly! I don't get to 'see' the goods before I buy on line, so you must understand that the 'eye candy' was just too much to resist. Jokes aside, I had waited to actually see a lot of the goodies before I bought.
Thanks to Paola (mwaah), Joyce in Nicky's absence and Joan for patiently seeing to my 'therapy medication' - take one if you like it!! lol
Oh my Word!!!!!! Thank heavens some is hidden.....lol
Tomorrow morning, I will wade my way through this stash, find a home for it all - now that is going to be a problem, but I'll manage, so don't even ask..... - and settle down with copious cups of tea/coffee whilst I wade my way through my emails - see below!

So dear friends, it may be a few days before things get back to 'normal' and with classes to prep for, my time will be rather short on the blogging side of things. Can't wait to share more with you...
Till then, 


  1. OH ... MY ... WORD!!!!! I thought you had a lot before these purchases!! Glad you had a ball my friend and you deserve every last thing you bought.


  2. Oh my hat... that's a lot of stash Moz and a heck of a lot of emails... Don't tell me they're all from RSA. If you need help in getting those condensed, pop me an email and I'll share. Thanks for sharing the delightful pic of your Dad with us. So pleased you had some great family time together. hugs Shazi

  3. Enjoy all those things you bought Moz, you need to be spoiled. Beautiful paper packs and those Sizzix dies are to die for. Thanks for sharing the lovely photo of your Dad and congratulations to him on this wonderful milestone.Enjoy your day.
    Amelia x

  4. Love the picture of your Dad ... and love the post family are so important.
    Enjoy all your new goodies

  5. Moz, what a giggle, retail therapy is way cheaper than any other therapy, so ...... well done to you for making a go of it! Enjoy the new goodies and I look forward to details soon.


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