Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Guess What...................??

I'm going to be a Granny!!

Getting ready for Cape Town's winter 2013
It is now official, although we have known for over 3 weeks, the happy couple wanted to get through their first official scan and see for themselves!  So now I can broadcast it to the WWW - I'm going to be a Granny and the needles have been busy since the day after they told us. In between prepping for classes, I have managed to finish a jacket for "Squnkey" and the second one is almost there. The wool in the pack is for a lovely blanket. Still have to wait for the sex of Squnkey - Neil and Caro's nick name of their baby! Will be great once I can break out in colour, but for now they are adamant that no boy of theirs will wear pink, so I had better behave myself and stay neutral. God knows when the time is right, so no one is questioning this wondrous happening so early in their marriage. Both being in their 30's, the time is so right for them!
Thank you our darlings for making our dream come true - we will be the best Grandparents we know how!
OOH so excited...............


  1. wot ? you a granny? you look FAR TOO YOUNG!!
    LOL! Congratulations Moz!!! Squnkey is one fortunate little baby to have such an excited and clever granny!
    Keep us informed ....

  2. Congrats Moz and to the happy couple... I can just see that this little Squnkey is going to be spoilt rotten before he/she even take his/her first breath! How terribly exciting. I used to knit all Kendall's jerseys Moz... I loved doing that for my baby. Keep sharing your new creations with us. Tons of hugs, Sharon xx

  3. Congratulations Moz! You'll be the best Grandparents, that is for sure. Congrats to the new parents-to-be too.
    Amelia x

  4. Congrats Moz love seeing babys and children in traditional grannymade things.


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