Sunday, October 21, 2012

Crochet Hearts

 I do occasional orders for a lovely decor shop and I was asked to make some hearts to be used on cushions or just to hang from various items.

It was a challenge for me as I could not get this pattern right, but a friend found an error in the pattern, I could not see, and once that had been corrected, I was on my way. Funny how you can look and look and not see it, but someone else can spot it immediately!

Considering the lovely shop they were going to, I felt I had to present them in a complimentary manner, so I die cut these amazing little labels from PTI, stamped them with 'Thanks'  and made these lovely tiny flowers using my Olba punch set. The roses are made using tiny hearts - aren't they stunning? I just love this punch set and find more and more uses for it. I then threaded ribbon through the center hole and tied a bow and attached the label.

The owner was very impressed with the presentation and the hearts and I was happy that I took the trouble and presented them so beautifully.

Now, waiting for more orders, but in the meantime I have to source more lace for another big order for tea nets. Busy, busy, busy.......

Thanks for popping by....


  1. Beautiful Moz! These hearts are going to fly from the shop. Love, love the little flowers and tags.
    Amelia x

  2. These are so totally sweet Moz! I wish I could knit like this. I agree, presentation is key and you did a totally awesome job with these. I love those little flowers, I am going to have to look into that Olga punch set you mentioned! Hugs, B XXX


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