Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Silhouette Cameo

My precious family gave me a Silhouette Cameo for my special birthday, as well as an amazing holiday - how blessed am I??

I had to get a longer USB cable because of the positioning of the Cameo and my tower, so once that arrived I had an opportunity to play. I loaded the software, looked at the instructional video, read the manual and decided to 'cut'. I kept getting messages saying there was a problem connecting via the computer and I was stumped. I had also purchased a USB adapter with more ports to accommodate my growing collection (lol) of add on's and something made me move the USB cable to another port, nothing, then another, nothing, then to a port on the computer, and voila, it worked!

Well, I then had to contend with trying to lift off my design and as you can see by the photograph, I don't keep it simple, do I? No, I had to have this intricate tree with lot's of little curly bits that I battled to lift off the mat. So sticky, it tried my patience and I left a few bits and pieces on the mat. So next time round, I will have to 'unsticky' the sticky mat somehow, and take it from there. I am very chuffed I finally got it to work and need time to play with the software and of course to understand the many applications this amazing machine can do! So my special birthday lives on.......


  1. Yipee thank you for entering the Made It!!! WOW, I had to go and google what this wonderful little machine and am blown away! Your tree is GORGEOUS, from the design to the colour and to the way it makes the viewer feel!

  2. Hooray! You did it! Yes, that sticky mat can be tricky when you have such intricate designs. One of the overseas ladies (I think her name is Nichol Magouirk)uses her Silhouette a lot has lots of good suggestions, one of them being to cut the design twice to get good clean cuts, in case you ever have that problem.


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