Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I'm Back!!

Hello, all ye faithful, who still take a look at my blog!

It has been exactly one month since my last post and in that time we have had a wonderful Christmas, seen in the new year, spent holiday time with our darling family in Cape Town and returned home to our fur babies and lots of baby Koi!

After that mouthful, may I wish you, one and all, the best year ahead. May 2014 bring you and yours good health, love and happiness and with these three, but firstly, God's richest blessings, what more could we ask for?? Everything else will fall into line and really is superfluous. One can only say this when you are 'older' and been around for awhile. When you are young/er, so much of life gets in your way and clouds what is really important and necessary for your well being.

I've had lots of time to think, even though I've been mega busy, and have realised that I'm only capable of doing so much and pushing myself so hard will not make things happen any faster or easier! To say I was 'exhausted' by the end of last year, would be an understatement! I was totally wiped out! Still stitching gifts on Christmas Eve, when I should have been resting, not staying up till 2 am to get them done! Having said that, the joy on the faces when the gifts were opened, made it worth it.

From now on, I want to work smarter, I want a healthier life with more quality time with my loved ones and dear friends. I want more out of life, to be mindful, productive, caring, living in present, using each God given moment to the fullest. I won't have any more time than I had last year and no extra hours in the day, no matter what I do or say! It will be the same number of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, and months in 2014, but I pray daily that I will make the best out of what time is given to me! My word for 2014 is FOCUS!! It is what I say repeatedly during the day, and how I try to think things through and reach each days goals. Small ones, big ones, maybe lots, maybe only one, but to try to finish what I planned is the aim!

Sorry if I am babbling on, it just helps to 'write' it down and to know others read it! Kind of cements your commitment and I believe helps you to achieve your goals. So please, check up on me every now and then and remind me of what I said - that's what friends are for!

Over the next few days, I will show you some of my handy work that was ordered, or were gifts, that I could not share before Christmas. That will catch me up to the present and hopefully, I will be back on track with my creations!

Today I will share with you a lovely bear I made to order for a little lady in the UK called Layla. Her Granny and I worked together many moons ago and have stayed good friends and in touch. We actually had so much in common and finding each other was like finding a 'sister' that you never knew you had! I am pleased to say that 'Layla Bear' arrived in time and was well received by the precious little lady on Christmas day. I have been promised a photo of the two Layla's and with permission, I will share with you.

Layla 'banking' some sunshine before leaving for the UK!

A close up to show you the lovely sparkles in her eyes!

Thank you dear friends for staying with me, both through my absence and this long heartfelt post!

I have missed you all but I did manage to do some blog hopping whilst AWOL, so have kept an eye on most of you....lol!

Till next we chat, take care and God Bless!



  1. Dearest Moz ........ what a beautiful and inspiring post! Thank you so much for all you share with us. I love the bear and pray you 2014 keeps you going from strenght to strenght!

  2. Oh Moz, so glad to see you post, (even though we got time to spend together yesterday!)! Oh I so love that bear, what a big, big smile that must have brought to the recipient!
    I'm 100% with you on the resolution of being Focused, gosh, do I need it, or maybe I need some Ritalin!!!! Let's remind each other to actually enjoy life as it seems to rush us by! Hugs, B xx

  3. What a lovely post Moz. I hope this year turns out to be less stressful than the last. Remember, you are your own Boss, so take "time out" when you need it ! Looking forward to seeing what stunning creations you'll be creating. Love your bearz... am sure Layla is loving hers. Hugs Sharon xx

  4. Lovely lovely bear and equally lovely post . Have a great year

  5. Hi Moz, Always love what you blog.Maureen


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