Sunday, August 26, 2012

Swaps - How I display them....

I have managed to take part in several swaps this year and have thoroughly enjoyed them!
One problem that crops up when you do these swaps, is what to do with them all. Well, this year I decided I would enjoy the current one's and when the time comes, I will file them for later inspiration.
What I have done with several of them, is place them onto big rings, all prettied up with ribbon bows, charms  and the likes, and I have hung them on the cupboard door handles in my work room. You will see below, the Vintage Tag swap, the One Layer Card swap and hanging behind that, I have my Backgrounds swap from last year, that is so very handy, I like to have it near by for inspiration, therefore it has never been filed. The Easel ATC swap I have just received back, is now on the door. I placed ribbon onto the inside of the door with tape and flipped it up and over to the front of the door and have take the ATC's and pegged them onto the ribbon. I have three rows with them on. I have also taken past swaps, just my cards, and pasted them onto a board and placed that onto another door.
So now I can enjoy mine and my friends work as it is easily accessible. Often, I will take one ring down and sit and page through them and enjoy the beauty of each work of art, all over again!
I hope this inspires you to keep your artwork close by so you can enjoy and appreciate your own creativity!


  1. A stunning idea Moz. Your craftroom sure looks as if it is a lovely one. hugs Sharon x

  2. A terrific idea and pretty too !
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Amy Jo


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