Monday, January 2, 2012

Bumble and Henry Jonah

I made this bear for Henry Jonah.
Bumble is made out of cotton toweling and was dyed using natural safe products. He is stuffed with fiberfill and plastic pellets and is hand washable, as he is likely to need a scrub after a while!
Because Henry Jonah is of South African/Canadian descent, I thought flags on his foot pads would look good. I managed to find a South African flag, but had to make the Canadian one myself.
I was so delighted when I received these photographs, that I asked permission to share them with you all. It is little things like this, that makes me glad that I have the gift of creating something beautiful, that is appreciated and will be loved, and I cannot think of a nicer little fella to take care of Bumble.
Henry and Jen, thanks for sharing these amazing photo's with us all.
You are truly blessed with your delightful son ~ Enjoy him! 

Oh my! is this for me??

Hmmm.... hand made with love for.....ME?


  1. These pics are adorable Moz and your little Bumble Bear is delightful. A wonderful gift for any child/adult! So nice to see you enjoying the gifts that God has blessed you with. hugs Sharon

  2. This is a super post Moz. bumble looks as lifelike as his new owner,lovely...


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