Thursday, June 3, 2010

Storage Idea

All crafters have this huge problem - storage that works for them (or doesn't??). Like so many of you, I have spent so much time (and money!) on 'systems' that did not work for me. One problem I had was with Nestabilities. I have been the whole route of CD cases, magnetic strips, plastic sleeves in folders, flip files, ice cream tubs (yes, you read correctly!) and probably a few more that did not even impress me enough to remember! Quite by chance I was standing next to a cupboard in my craft room, using my Cuttlebug and getting wound up about unpacking the Nesties etc. when I looked at the plastic shelf with hooks on, that my decorative scissors were hanging from, and thought, why not hang my nesties?? So DH wa summonsed to make hooks so that I could move my scissors up and I got out a pack of shower curtain hooks - actually had two different kinds, I knew I would find a good use for - and lo and behold my plan came together. The basic sets are hanging in their particular groups, which I have marked each one in some way, so that I know where they belong. Also, I can find the correct scallop size as it hangs with the straight edge. Whilst this works for the basic shapes, I found keeping the labels sets and impressabilities in their original wrapping and just grouping them to hang. I now have a 'Bugging Corner', with everything to hand and so much easier to work with. Below is a close up of the nesties in their groups.

I do hope this has helped someone with their storage problem - I works for me!
Needless to say, I did not get to bed before midnight that night - just had to get it sorted.


  1. Wow Moz. This is what Blogs are all about... sharing what works for you with your blogfriends. This is amazing. So neat and compact. I like it! I hope this will spark a Tips to Share with your other readers. Hugs Sharon


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