Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Treats

This year, I decided to focus on children and treats for them, over the Easter season.

We made this delightful Bunny card and I teamed it up with a lovely little paper container made out of a square, that I was fascinated with, so had to try it! I also found some great freebie printables that I cut out and attached to a clear packet filled with gums. 

I did not put chocolate Easter eggs in either as I was positive they would never have made it to the class nor survived the class as they are so yummy! 

It was great fun making these treats!

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  1. what great ideas Moz. I am making little gifties for the members of my household - all adults. I will probably put photos on my blog sometime this weekend. I am using chocolate lambs that I bought a Clicks. wishing you and yours a blessed easter time


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