Monday, March 19, 2012

Copic Storage

Box closed
 Finding a solution for Copic storage has been on my list for a long while. I used to keep them in a wooden cutlery holder that had four compartments. That worked for a long while and it was handy to carry around with me. I like to colour in the lounge in the evenings, whilst DH wrestles with the remote. I have a really good lamp and a lap tray and plenty space around me to spread out.
Well, time marches on and so my Copic collection started to grow. More so, since I became a Paola groupie and had this desperate urge to colour just like Paola! Of course, the fact that she supplies me with the Copic's and at a really good price and exceptional service, sure 'grew' my range.
I found this box - without the handle and sturdy clasp, in a shop that specialises in decoupage blanks. 
It was the right depth, with the lid closed and would accommodate my ever growing collection comfortably.
Note the dividers DH made.
 Could have had more compartments, but did not push my luck!!.
 So, a trip to the local hardware store later, I returned with the handle, sturdy clasp and the inside hinge to hold the lid open.
Now, I need to ask the question - if you worked in  a hardware store for more than 20 years would you not know that these hinges come in left and right plate faces? So, I was sold two left hand hinges and now have to go back to exchange it. Grrr...
Anyway, I digress.
DH kindly cut the inserts for me and I have packed the pens, together with Prisma pencils - some of the obvious go to colours - blending solution bottles, and other nic-nacs that I may well need whilst colouring in, all into the box.  Is this not so grand??

Still room to grow......he-he!
I have also bought aerosol spray paint to spruce it up. I know I could go the whole route of decoupaging the box and probably inserting something nice into the ovals on the top of the lid, but honestly, I don't have the time nor inclination to do so. I am hoping that the spray paint actually gets used on the box before it dries up in the can.
Now, I need to find a way to persuade DH to do it for me. Wish me luck!

Maybe, this will work for you as well?
I'd be interested to know your favored storage system.


  1. Good Morning Moz

    Thank you for sharing this, I am always very intrested to know how everybody else store their copics. I also have a container with compartments, it is usually used for gardening stuff or little pots of flowers, mine however does not close as nicly as your, I think I will have to look for something similar.

    As soon as I have unpacked my craft container when I arrive in Cape Town, I will share mine, although my copic container is not nearly as full of copics as yours, but that does give me the option of still having space to buy lots (LOL).


  2. Slim kind ... it's a great idea ... now to decorate your copics box ...

  3. Jeepers what a collection of Copics I am rather jelussssss. Great storage idea though well done to you and hubby

  4. Someone likes her markers, eh? LOL! Love this storage solution and yes... they should've known about left/right hinges if they work in a hardware store. Too funny!

  5. I always love the tone of your blog Moz, its always so upbeat and full of energy. Great storage idea!


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