Friday, February 1, 2013

Off and on the needles.....

I'm so pleased to report that I have finished my first pair of socks in 2013! I knitted them using  Wendy's Bamboo yarn. It was lovely to knit with and I tried to get the stripes to synchronise between the two socks - When you knit with a variegated wool, you have to observe the formation and work out at what stage in the 'stripes' to start the second sock. 

These are knitted using my favorite method by Cat Bordhi, toe to heel and split to knit up the leg. I have been knitting this basic pattern for a few years now and my socks fit like a glove. No bagging around the ankles, just a nice snug fit. Not the easiest method to learn, but once you've got it, what a pleasure! This pair has a double ribbing from just above the ankle, right up the leg, so that it fits snugly on the leg. It does however, make the sock look a little deformed - take a look.....
With a pair of empty circular needles hanging around, I just had to make a start on another pair of socks and chose this lovely Spanish yarn from my stash - Katia Darling. I am pleased to say they are making good progress as it is so exciting watching how the color's work through the yarn as you knit.
So, watch this space for a photo of the completed socks - these should not take too long as I can't wait to see how they turn out!.
Thanks for the visit.


  1. Geez! You're so talented it "freaks me out" as my daughter would say!

  2. At this rate Moz, you will be ready for winter soon. Love those socks, yours always remind me of my Mom who used to knit socks for us. I had white cotton ones for school in summer.Have a wonderful weekend. hugs, Ursula

  3. Beautiful socks. where do you get your bamboo yarn from?

  4. Hi Moz

    Your socks are stunning. Love the colours, I am not a knitter so this looks like a very complicated job. You are a very talented lady, knitting, cardmaking, making those stunning teddies ..........

    Thanks for sharing, I always love yo see what you have been up to. Have a great weekend.


  5. GORGEOUS Moz!!! Thank you for entering the Made exciting.. Your tiny heart made me melt xxx


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