Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Also on the needles...

I found another interesting pattern on my blog travels and could not wait to get it onto the needles!

This is a circular blanket that only carries 10 stitches on the needles all the times! Once you have done the center, which takes a little concentration, you only deal with 10 stitches, and does it grow! I'm very chuffed with this project and am knitting it up using Kidz double knit yarn. When you knit it in a jumper, you get those lovely fairisle rows, but doing this pattern you get blocks of color and I'm keen to see how it turns out. 

This is not a 'hurry up and finish' project, rather, pick it up as and when it suits you. I can do this whilst watching TV and concentrating on the program, rather than the knitting!
 Fun knitting.....


  1. Looks interesting Moz. Something nice to keep you busy when Autumn arrives. hugs Sharon

  2. That looks like such fun, Moz! That will have to be a project to think about a few months down the line, though - it's just too hot to think of having anything like that on my lap right now. Not in Durban!

  3. I can't knit Moz but this looks lovely and great fun to do. Hope you'll show us the finished project. Enjoy!
    Amelia x

  4. This looks like it's going to be a really fun blanket to make Moz! 10 stitches, I think I can manage that!

  5. I have never seen a circular blanket. what fun! enjoy!


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