Saturday, March 5, 2011

Toe Up Socks

At last, I have made a start on this new sock knitting venture. I bought this book by
Cat Bordhi so that I could learn her version of toe up socks. You create a personal footprint pattern, as you can see on the side. You draw around your foot and at certain stages of your knitting the proto type you place marks on the footprint. This becomes your personal pattern and you can knit any sock pattern using this as your base sock.
Fascinating! I really bought this book so that I could knit a sock that fits my DH properly. He wears a size 12/13 shoe and has a broad foot. I have never managed to get the sizing right for his feet. Next problem is to find thin enough yarn, that he will enjoy wearing. He hates the sock wool available here in South Africa, so will have to bring in a skein from the States to try out. Wow, do they have awesome yarn available there. Mind boggling! Will keep you updated on my progress.
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  1. My goodness, Moz, this is fascinating. I can't knit so thumbs up for you doing such a wonderful job. I agree on the awesome products for the States!
    Amelia x


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