Sunday, March 27, 2011

Beaded Cross

I started this project about a year or more ago (blush!) It is actually a bible cover, but I am converting it into a zipped up folio case. Don't quite know what they are called, but it zips around three sides and opens up like a book. Into this I will be able to place my Mass Missal together with my Rosary and anything relevant to my religious commitments. Hopefully, it will stop me leaving goodies behind in church, dropping loose goodies on the floor and worse still, walking out with someone elses Rosary as it was on the pew next to mine (Double blush!!)
It is a kit I bought from Hazel Blomkamp who is an extremely talented embroidery/beading teacher and we all are lucky to have her in Pietermaritzburg. It is worked in both embroidery and beading and stitched onto a suede type fabric. I have chosen different colours to the kit as shown below, as I am a 'burgundy' girl and have been working on this project this last week. Making great progress and hoping, before too long to finish the stitching/beading and making it up.

I will post another picture of this project, WHEN I finish it!
Thanks for the visit......

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