Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ribbon Storage Revamp

Below is the way I used to store my ribbon. Satisfactory for a while, but did not stimulate my creativity as the ribbons were hidden in bottles. They used to stand upright, but I found I could stack more bottles on their sides - crafters always have a storage problem.The other down side was the fact that the ribbons were wound around embroidery bobbins and that necessitated ironing or steaming them before using them on the project. Whilst I don't mind the kettle being on the boil all the time (so as to steam the creases out of the ribbon and a quick cuppa) it was a hindrance and interruption. Then up popped Niki Zipp's email about this fabulous storage system using tags and rings and I was all eyes and ears. Next thing, my order was placed and on arrival I started to reorganise the ribbons. What a job! Only because I had so much ribbon - I could not believe it! Where did it all come from?? Every trip into my favorite shops, a few meters into the basket and then I remembered that I started collecting ribbon, mostly for my bears, many years ago! That made me feel better. I am now wondering if I will live long enough to use it all up....... Back to the system. There are two size tags. One wider than the other. These tags are stored in any order you fancy - I have kept to colours rather than sizes. I have each colour on a 3" ring - although 2" would have been fine, except I used all my order up resorting my nesties (that's another story!). Firstly, at a glance you can see what you have in whatever colour as well as the type of ribbon. Makes for very easy selection and hopefully leads to a faster finish of your card, unless you are like me, a procrastinator of note! Just to say, that I had to ask Niki to send me more tags, as I ran out of the first lot rather quickly!! Please contact Niki on and she will give you all the information you require. Every time I look at my ribbons, I see that have brightened up my room, they also brighten up my day and I want to stroke them..... ooo beautiful! Don't you agree!! Of course, all this would not have happened if Niki had not brought this system to us (thank you Niki) and most importantly, if my DH had not, patiently and speedily put up these rails, on my cupboard door - yes, the outside as the inside has my rolls of ribbon on rails that he also put up for me. Is he not a darling??? Thanks so much for popping in!


  1. I also use this "system". It's so much easier to match your paper to your ribbon, and it does brighten up the room! Everybody's always saying ooh and aaah!!

  2. Fantastic idea! It looks much better than 'ice-cream containers' and bottles!!



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