Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I have been busy on and off with granny squares for a small blanket. Lovely handwork for TV time! I wanted to try my hand making flowers with layers and then went further, working out how to do the flower and carry on making the square, all in one. It took a lot of fiddling, unpicking and a fair amount of frustration, but I got it right. I started learning the flowers from a pattern for a tea cosy with flowers on, (which I intend to do as well) in the Ideas magazine a while ago and help from Debbie, a very talented friend. Also joining the squares as I go. It is a great motivator, seeing the blanket grow. Below is some of the wool in the basket with Ted keeping an eye on it and then some of the centres. Decided to go with a yellow centre as it makes the flower 'pop', so have worked up a few. The flowers are in 4ply and then the squares in double knit. Also a photo of the blanket as I have been adding the squares. On going project.........

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  1. Beautiful Moz! Would love to do this again! Could do it when I was much younger but wouldnt even know where to start! LOL!


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