Saturday, December 8, 2012

Vintage Photo Frame

My precious 'baby' sister has a birthday today! Gail is 8 years younger than me and the last born in the family, so will always be my 'baby' sister. When she was small, she accompanied me everywhere, just like a 'doll' would. I would dress her up and arrange her pretty curls and we would set off to visit or shop or play with my friends, who all knew she would be coming with me, always! She may be a lot older and not so 'cute' (sorry sis!) but is still my precious 'baby' sister.
We ask each other what we would like for our birthdays as it is so much easier to shop or make, plus you get what you want, which at our age is very important! When I asked her, and knowing I'm now officially a 'pensioner' (she loves telling me that...ha-ha) she knew I would want to make her something rather than buy, so asked for one of my 'prettied up' picture frames. Now that made me very happy and I set off to buy a frame I could convert as I did not have anything on hand. Not much of a selection,  but I came home with this.....

Not at all exciting, but I knew that I was going to give it a work over. So, I slapped some Gesso on, let it dry and then painted it with an acrylic paint. It covered the bling beautifully and I am going to 'play' with Gesso on my next frame conversion. Very interesting product!
Whilst it was drying, I made a few of my vintage looking flowers, sprayed them for color, scrunched them up madly and left them to dry. In the meantime I scouted around my 'little bit of heaven' (read, craft room!) and found a fabulous cup-cake wrapper that had been laser cut, so it was extremely dainty and suited the vintage theme I had in mind. Out came the hot glue gun, pearl rope (running out of sadly), seam binding in different colors and I settled down with the dry frame, to embellish to my hearts content.

I was more than happy with the outcome and as I have not yet given it to her - we are on our way over now - I am very certain this will fit into her idea of a 'pretty' frame.

The completed frame

The top corner with the larger flower

The opposite bottom corner with the smaller flower

Thank you for your visit and wishing you a wonderful, creative week-end, wherever you are in the world!


  1. That is beautiful, she's going to love it for sure.

  2. Very pretty Moz. I am sure Gail was thrilled with it/ Have a great weekend. hugs Ursula

  3. Just can't have enough picture frames. And how pretty! Thank you.

  4. Moz this frame is just gorgeous... you have so much patience... and a real flair for mixing colors and textures...

    I am sure your baby sister is going to just adore it.


  5. Your sister will love this frame Moz! Beautifully done. The flowers and cupcake wrapper corners are gorgeous. Lovely vintage feel.
    Amelia x

  6. Moz, what a beautifully embellished frame. Your sister will love it! I enjoyed reading your sweet story about your baby sister. Aren't sisters the best!?

    Have a wonderful week!

  7. Moz! You are so darn creative! Your sister is going to swoon over this for sure! Love those beautiful flowers and the daintiness of your corners!

  8. YAY!!!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful creative spirit with us!! xxxx

  9. Hi Moz
    Dont know if you remember me from RSA stamping group: Angella de Jager- Dundee?
    I love this photo frame- well done- its awesome.
    Please visit my blog sometime.
    wishing you a very happy Christmas time.
    much love


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