Thursday, February 18, 2010

Special Award!

I received this questionnaire from a lovely lady, Amanda dJ - check out her blog here

This is the list of questions that comes with it:
Your cell phone? Sony Ericson
Your hair? Brown with lots of grey !
Your mother? Deceased - breast cancer 10 years ago - miss her more every day!
Your father? Fantastic man - still playing 18 holes of golf every week-wish I lived closer to him.
Your favourite food ? Fresh, home cooked everything!
Your dream last night? Knocked out - dream???
Your favorite drink? Water
Your dream/goal? Happily creating in my retirement - when it get here!
What room are you in? My craft room.
Your hobby? Singular? - most everything.
Your fear? My health prevents me from living my last years to the hilt!
Where do you want to be in 6 years? Wherever God's plan takes me
Where were you last night? Home.
Something that you aren't? my maiden name, believe it or not!)
Muffins? Carrot and Pecan
Wish list item? time??
Where did you grow up? All over Africa - 15 schools!!
Last thing you did? Made a cuppa tea.
What are you wearing? Cotton slax and t-shirt
Your TV? always on whilst I craft, but seldom lock into a programme.
Your Pets? 2 very old lady codgers (Miniature Schnauzer and Miniature Poodle-both over 15 years) & a Black Lady Lab - very special, all of them
Friends? A couple of really precious life long ones.
Your life? Busy & stressed on the work front - serene and happy at home
Your mood? Tired - long week..
Missing someone? Always my sons in Cape Town and my friend Ron who moved to the UK 10 years ago - still miss her everyday -and my Mom!
Vehicle? Ford Fiesta.
Something you're not wearing? Earrings - forgot to put them on this morning.
Your favorite store? Mostly craft stores, but love foodie places.
Your favorite color? Muted antique colours.
When was the last time you laughed? When I came home this evening.
Last time you cried? Last week
Your best friend? Ron.
One place that you go to over and over? My craft room.
Facebook? Yes, but never visit - only signed up to access some crafty stuff.
Favorite place to eat? Homely restaurants .
Now passing something like this on is rather difficult because most of my blogging friends have received it - so for now, enjoy a glimpse into 'me' and I will think who to pass onto!

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