Friday, February 19, 2010

Rosebud Fairy Bear

Rosebud is a tiny little fairy bear. She is only 6cm tall and is made out of shimmery mini bear velvet. She has 'petal' wings and is wearing beautiful hand made silk ribbon rosebuds. I was awarded a Special Prize for her at the Royal Show. sorry, not the best photo - still very much a learning curve for me!


  1. Oh Moz this is so beautiful. Do you make to sell at all?

  2. Thanks Shaz. I do sell my bearz. Make to order and also make what I fancy and put them into a lovely shop here in Pmburg called Abby's Bears. My favorite size to make is 10cm and smaller and if I have a brief to work to, it is so exciting to see how they bear turns out and the look on the owners face when she see's it. That is the biggest thrill for me!


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