Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Easter Bunny

Lent starts today and soon it will be time for the bunnies to start hopping in the gardens! This darling 7cm Bunny, made out of pink tipped long pile Schulte Mohair sporting a gorgeous pink suede nose, was obviously having a "bad hair day!" He really was so cute, that he did not battle to find a new home and departed, basket full of eggs to a new owner who did not pass rude comments about her hair! Oh well, guess I will have to make myself another bunny to love!


  1. You're so talented Moz! Where have you been So pleased you're in blogland and sharing your talents with us. This is so gorgeous.

  2. My word, this is stunning, no wonder you never let on how talented you are, we would all want one of your bunnies or teddies.


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