Monday, February 8, 2010

Sassy Bear

This delightful lady was made using Pink Sassy Cashmere fabric and Monica Spicers pattern "Olsen" as a starting point. I have practised and perfected these lovely leather noses - they just seem to add something to the bears.
The silk roses are all hand made.

I was asked to host a workshop at Abby's Bears in Pietermaritzburg and these are some pictures from this workshop. The photo's are of the ladies who participated. They are on a magnetic picture board/frame that I made. The beauty of this board/frame is that you can change the photos in a blink because you use magnets to hold them down!

And here are some of the bears the ladies made! They were so chuffed with their little ladies and I got such a kick out of seeing their excitement when they finished their little creations! They are all so very special.


  1. I just love these little bears. What size are they Moz. I have made several but larger, would love to try some smaller ones. Yours are just so lovely.

  2. Oh they are so adorable Moz. Welcome to blogland. I collect bears but have never tried making them yet.

    Amanda HRH

  3. Ursula, they are 8cm tall bears. I mostly make 8cm and smaller. Some as small as 3 cm!


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