Sunday, April 10, 2011

One sheet of scrapping paper - 9 cards, almost......

I decided to try and make as many cards out of one sheet of scrapping paper as I could. As the sheet was 12" square, I cut the sheet into 4" lengths and then each length cut again into 4" widths, resulting in 9 x 4" square pieces of paper. Below are 7 cards as I decided to use the one piece cut again into 2" strips on two of the cards, using the reverse side as it was a double sided sheet of paper and the other missing card, I posted out before I took these blurry photographs! The best thing about this exercise is that the sheet of scrapping paper I bought from a marked down bin for R5.00! Now is that not a bargain?I wanted you to see a close up of the cards and also to tell you about another great find, on all but one card which had MS punched butterflies. My friend Debbie has a wedding to plan for her daughter, and my crafty group of 4 friends have all been involved with certain aspects of the wedding. From embroidering initials on serviettes, shopping for the fabric in Cape Town, planning and offering to do the flowers on the big day, and Moi, helping with the wedding invitations. Now you have to know Debbie to understand that she thoroughly investigates every option, and does her shopping carefully and in this instance with her daughter, who also knows exactly what she wants. Debbie is a great inspiration to us all and being the youngest in the group has the most energy.. lol... What this is leading up to, is that her daughter wants cupcakes for the tea after the wedding, whilst they go for photographs and before the reception. Clare's daughter is a chef in Cape Town who does wedding cakes, amongt other commissions and through her they found the most adorable butterfly cupcake bands, made of light weight board and with fabulous detail. I could not resist trying to make something using these butterflies. They are on all the cards from this one sheet of scrapping paper. I snipped them off in rows and then pressed them into a Brilliance pad with the same colour theme that I was using, and then snipped them up and placed them on the cards!
I can't resist the challenge to make something pretty work on my cards!

Are they not gorgeous!

Now, next time you are out and about and are served cupcakes, look at the holder and if you can 'work' it, remember my post!!

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  1. Moz, your are a genius! The cards are fabulous and so pretty with those "cupcake" butterflies. I will keep my eyes open for those butterfly cupcake bands.
    Amelia x


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