Monday, November 29, 2010

Recycled Postage Stamps

I cannot discard a beautiful postage stamp, and most of my friends know that and keep theirs for me. The first card uses Christmas stamps from the U.K. I floated the stamps off in a saucer of water, let them dry and mounted them on dark blue card stock, then silver and finally onto the main card. Added a peel off greeting and a beautiful, simple card ready for posting.

The second card is a selection of South African stamps featuring fish in our waters. Beautiful colours. This kind of card is ideal to use for a male's birthday/greeting card. We all know how difficult it is to make those cards!

Using stamps, you can generally find a selection that will suit the occasion and or the recipient.

Don't throw them away - recycle.......


  1. Thanks for sharing these ideas with us Moz. They will come in handy one day...

  2. Such a clever idea Moz, specially for the male cards.

  3. Love this idea i have some lovely stamps
    (unused) that my sister sent me and am going to use your blue card as an inspiration , if you don't mind?x


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