Monday, November 1, 2010

Two Needles Socks

 A few posts back I mentioned that I just had to try my hand at knitting socks on two needles, although I am a four needle fan. It was an interesting experience, but I think I will stay with my four needles, until my new book by Cat Bordhi arrives and I can try knitting socks using a new method. The pattern you follow in this book is unique to each person, as you draw around the foot onto cardboard and cut this out, and that is the pattern you follow. So you get a perfect fit. This will be great for my husband as he has large broad feet and in 30 years he has never been happy with socks I have knitted. So, one more try and then I will have exhausted all avenues in the 'big feet socks' arena.
Back to the two needled version. For someone who has never knitted socks before, this is great. The pattern is easy to follow and all you really need to know is how to sew a flat seam when joining them up. I found the joining tedious as I am accustomed to only sewing in loose threads top and bottom. The toes are joined using Kitchener stitch so they are actually grafted together. The photo below makes the socks look a little out of proportion, but that is because I chose to rib all the way down to the foot shaping as I was knitting in cotton and it is known to stretch. They feel fantastic on - soft and snugly and being cotton just right for the cooler summer days when you need socks for comfort not warmth.
All in all, a great exercise - glad I tried it and if I need to teach someone sometime, I'll start with this pattern.

Thanks so much for the visit and have a fantastic week!


  1. What a great job, Moz. Love to read how you did this, sounds like Greek for me!
    Amelia x

  2. I love these socks Moz, they look so warm and comfy. Nice for those cold, winter nights and days. Sharon x

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