Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine'a Day 2012

Happy Valentine's day to your all!
Nothing like remembering and being remembered by your loved one's on Valentine's Day.

I thought I would get all the Valentine's goodies posted and out of the way.
Nothing worse than lingering posts, so here goes......

Firstly, I just had to do something small for my DH. We don't go overboard, but do little happy things for each other, that always puts a smile on our faces. I decided that he needs to start his day with a little sweetness, so I made him a heart with a chocolate to put on his breakfast placement. Then another small chocolate bar, all spruced up, into his lunch box, just to make the young guys at work a little envious of a sixty three year old!! That, I think probably tickled him more than the whole romance thing..... he-he-he!

Whilst I was on a roll yesterday, I decided to make a heart with a choc for my 'therapy' ladies I meet with every Tuesday morning. Well, one thing led to another and I ended up making tags that could be used as bookmarks and attached a chocolate to that. They were thrilled.
I also made one for my dear friend Sally and dropped it off on my way home at lunch time.
Well, that is my little lot of spoiling my favorite people for Valentine's day.

I did wake up to a lovely kiss and a cup of tea this morning and found roses on my dining room table. I felt truly blessed and loved!

Enjoy the rest of your day and take time to spoil someone as it always comes back to you.

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