Monday, November 7, 2011


We have a wedding coming up on the 12th November.
Our eldest son is marrying his sweetheart in Cape Town.
Carolyn and Neil went right through junior school together, same class, for 5 years. Carolyn and her parents left for Cape Town when she was in her early teens and my son finished high school and university in Pietermaritzburg. After a spell working in Durban he decided to follow his brother to Cape Town. It was on a shopping trip to Canal Walk that they bumped into each other again, and the rest is history!

Carolyn has a darling niece caller Taylor who is 2 years old and a bit. She will be the flower girl at the wedding and her mom, the bridesmaid. As one would expect, a 2 year old is easily distracted, so Neil and Carolyn asked me to make a soft floppy bear for her, that they could give her on  the big day, just before the service. The hope that she will be occupied with it and not  stress out, but as we old timers well know, at that age, kids are unpredictable and no matter how carefully you lay down plans, they will do their best not to comply!
Well, this is the little bear. Her name is Misty, as I call Taylor, Miss "T". She is make out of Kohair and softly filled with pollyfill and plastic pellets and a whole lot of love. I used some of the brides veil fabric to make Misty's veil and adorned it with pink roses. She is also holding a bouquet of roses. Everything is firmly attached, just in case little fingers get busy!
I can't wait for the day and to see Miss "T's" face when she sees the bear.
The magnetic picture frame is a belated birthday present from us. 
She can place her photo's of the wedding onto her own board and I predict that will become a new 'game' for her to play!

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  1. Oh my goodness Moz. The floppy bear is absolutely amazing. Just love her...ooohhh! Lucky little girl and I am sure your new daughter-in-law is going to love her magnetic frame. Enjoy the wedding! hugs Sharon


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