Monday, November 14, 2011

Wedding Pictures

I have a few pictures of the wedding to share with you.
It turned out to be a magnificent day in every way, a little on the cool side, but dry, thank goodness.
It was a lovely intimate wedding with wonderful food and company. We even managed a dance or two and the younger crowd had a blast! It is not often that the bride and groom leave the reception after many of the guests have departed. They had so much fun with everyone.
I will have a few more pictures to share once we get back home and everything is sorted.

Happiness is......

Love is......

Proud is.......

In the foreground is the proud Father of the Bride Allan Hack, with Llewellyn and myself behind him, followed my our youngest son, Alan, who was the best man.
Very, very pround Mom and Dad!!

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  1. you look lovely Moz and the beuatiful couple so happy, may this be the start of many happy and fruitful years for you family, CONGRATS!


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