Monday, January 21, 2013

Tag Booklets

On my first visit to Brenda's lovely home, she showed me a fabulous tag booklet she had made. Of course I fell in love with it and before I left she gave me a lovely sheet of patterned card stock with a coordinating plain card to go home and make my own. How generous is that?? 
I need to thank Martha, a dear friend of Brenda's and a follower of my humble blog, for her generosity of sharing this booklet with Brenda, who brought it with her to Africa and shared it with me! See Brenda's comment below - Thank you Martha!

Well, I had made rough notes, with her permission of course, but really battled to get this booklet together. I eventually found out, that as always I was trying to reinvent the wheel and it was just so simple once I demystified the whole process!
Rather than mess up the lovely butterfly paper she gave me, I first worked on the pink booklet, using stash of my own.

Closed booklet

This is the closed booklet.

The cover holds a hidden tag and when you open it up, there is a page that houses two tags.

This in turn flips over and you have the back page with a hidden tag inside it.

Opened to the last page.

I then went onto use Brenda's lovely card stock and this is the booklet below.
I was so thrilled with my lovely tag booklet - thank you Brenda for so generously sharing!
Oh, did I tell you that Brenda has a craft room to die for??? My word, it is such an amazing creative space, a happy creative space!

Now to fill the booklets with wonderful Memories!

Opened, showing the tag in the cover as well as the tags
in the pockets of the second page.


  1. Wow, this is gorgeous Moz. Who would guess that this booklet hides tags. Really lovely.

  2. Moz, these are beautiful. But , what do you do with them? And will you send out a "recipe" of instructions?

  3. Moz this is gorgeous....would love it if you would do a tutorial for us....could be cool to add to a mini album..what do you think


  4. What a fabulous idea and these really look fun to make! Thanks for sharing your pretty tag booklets.

  5. Ooh I love them Moz and thanks for saying such sweet things! I'm glad you were able to make these, my lovely friend Martha from the US was the originator of this booklet, it's so nice to see it being carried across the continent! I think they are perfect for holding special memories or perhaps as a gift to someone for a special occasion, a new baby, an engagement, a wedding, a graduation, encouragement in tough could even add some small photos to the tags. I guess it's whatever and wherever your imagination takes you hey! Love that pink paper, simply beautiful as all your work always is! Hugs, B xxx

  6. What a lovely idea for memory keeping. Has been a bit crazy the last couple of weeks and just had a chance now to come and see your lovely creations, hugs, Ursula


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