Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Envelope Tag Booklet

Yes, I was on a roll with these tag booklets!

I have been wanting to make a booklet, using envelopes, like the many I have seen on my blog travels. After collating all the information I could glean from these visits, I set about making my booklet.

I was absolutely thrilled with it and will be making more of them, as well as Brenda's lovely booklet featured in my last post.

This is the cover with the tags just peeking out of their pockets. Of course they are actually hidden, but this was just to show them to you.

Hard to believe this booklet started out as 5 envelopes! 

I think it will really come to life once photo's and descriptions are inserted. 

Such a lovely gift!

Thanks for the visit and sharing my lovely tag booklets these last couple of posts!


  1. Wonderful idea and love what you did with it.
    I always love to see what other people are creating.

  2. Oh wow, Moz - this booklet is really GORGEOUS!!! WHAT AN INSPIRATION YOU ARE, GIRL!!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. These are such fun to make Moz, I'm so glad you made one. It's amazin what we can maake with the stuff around us!


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