Sunday, May 9, 2010


I have been knitting socks for at least 30 years! I worked with a charming elderly lady all those years ago who used to knit socks for the troops during the last world war and I spent many happy lunch hours with her learning to knit socks and listening to the most interesting stories about her youth, and her interests. The love of knitting socks has stayed with me and I have knitted countless pairs. The socks I enjoyed knitting the most was for my sons when they were small. To actually be able to create such a useful item and then place it on those sweet little feet - priceless. I must say that those feet are not so sweet now days!! These days I only knit for myself, or if a family member requests a pair. I know my Dad needs some, so as soon as I have finished the new pair for myself that are on the needles, I will start on a pair for him. Sock wool is not so easy to get these days, nor cheap  - I am talking good wool - but I will scour the web to find a stockist. I used to use Nomotta but have not had a supplier since the 80's, so need to start looking again. I somehow don't think what I am knitting with now will appeal to Dad!
To all the Mom's out there, a very happy Mother's day. Spare a thought for those of us who no longer have our Mom with us and Mom's who will not be able to share the day with their children because of distance. Enjoy your day and I hope you get spoilt rotten!!


  1. Enjoy your day Moz... saw another of your teddy bears at Carienas ...lovely

  2. You are such a talented lady Moz. These socks are beautiful. Well done and a happy mother's day to you too. hugs Sharon

  3. Love the socks! Starting to learn how to make them, My first pair where so thick they would never make it into a shoe. Wear them as a slippers in the winter. Finally got more yarn and on my way to making a new pair. Thanks for sharing!


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