Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hubby's Hobby

Whilst I am busy with all my hobbies, my man is 'fishing'. He has been keeping Koi for many years and it is his passion. It has been a very expensive and painful learning curve and not something you can put down and pick up when the whim takes you. It is a daily - twice a day - hands on hobby. He has built several ponds from scratch and has his eye on the swimming pool now! Well, I have taken over a couple of rooms in the house with all my 'stuff' so I guess I cannot refuse his request. The pool is seldom used, especially since the boys left home and the upkeep and maintenance is very costly. So, if he want to use it to breed his Koi, so be it!


  1. You are kidding right? RIGHT? cant believe you allowing it.
    not smiling

  2. That would be one heck of a big pond Moz. Hmmm... would give me the creepies... I'm sure you were joking so I'll join in the laughter... hahahahahaha


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