Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Any one for Tea?

What fun this project was!
I was needing a little upliftment after the tragic loss of our beloved Trixie and what could be better than a lovely cup of tea! After my 'wild' knitted tea cosy, I felt a few more cosies would be most enjoyable, both to use and to make. On my WWW travels, I came across a website and found this amazing cosy. It is called Basket of Anemones. Originally I had intended it to be for my small tea pot, but had a senior moment when I started to knit the flowers and did not change the ply to match the smaller 'basket', so I carried on with the normal sized flowers and the cosy ended up sort of fitting my larger tea pot. I is a very cosy, cosy!
Just love it and am on a mission to do some more ~ guess there will be a lot of tea cosies given as gifts from me.....he-he-he! Unless I call them Monday cosy, Tuesday cosy etc....
My DH just shakes his head, but is sweet enough to say, if it makes you happy, I'm happy!
Now how lovely is that??

Makes me smile!!


  1. Moz, your tea cosies are amazing (like spring has sprung in Winter) and there is nothing wrong with having a cosy for each day...just means you have to have lots of tea breaks!
    Love, Jen

  2. Well those flowers sure are over the top, but you know me, i am an over the top kinda girl, so i just love these and i think there's nothing better than a well brewed cuppa.

  3. Gorgeous, so colourful and funky!
    Amelia x

  4. Love my tea Moz, so this tea cosy for your teapot is most appealing. Just love it. I have the same sized teapot and in this cold weather it's looking a bit "bare"... hehehe Will have to look for a nice tea cosy to cover it. Stunning work honey. You are seriously talented and I think your hubby's comment is so cute. hugs Sharon x


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