Saturday, February 5, 2011

Showcasing a Dear Friend

Occasionally you make an acquaintance that soon becomes a treasured friendship.
Many years ago I stamped with a group of ladies, and Sally Leech was one of the 'old hands' who took every new stamper under her wing and taught all of us everything she knew about stamping. She has been stamping for so many years she cannot remember when she started, although she tells the story of cutting little shapes into the little rubbers on the top of pencils and letting her small children stamp with them! She has the ability to turn what she sees in books, into stunning cards and this is one of them. She bought a Cuttlebug last year and is always playing around with it. These butterfly's are so beautifully shaded. This is a step card and using the black butterfly background has shown up her beautiful creations. Of course, she has shared her 'how to' with us all and we are so grateful to have her in our lives.
Love you Sally!

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  1. Love your friend Sally's car dand yours too. I really like the idea of that slider mechanism for your butterfly what a great idea. WOWSER look at your new photo, you are GLAMOROUS!! so pretty, so pleased you changed it as the other one didnt do you justice


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