Sunday, January 16, 2011

Calendar Page

Firstly, apologies for the bad picture - much better in real life!! --- camera lessons needed!!
I was invited to join a group of ladies who make a calendar every year and my page was for November.
Well, I started off with the conventional soft colours, pretty everything and somehow it was not happening for me. So I hooked out a sheet of nude metallic board and proceeded to create my own background with a lovely stamp and Dauber paints. Each step was an adventure as I had no idea what I would do next. I then decided to do the November printed sheet. I misted it with Moon Glow's Moon Shadow and used masks for interest. Cut it out with Labels Eight dies, mounted onto a metallic burgundy/chocolate backing. Using this same paper, I used the 12" Classic Lace Border die and used the lace top and bottom and then used the offcuts for the sides. Now how cleaver is that ...... lol. I cut flourishes using the Marianne Designs Creatables die from Country Crafts in Johannesburg. Also cut a Label in the dark paper and mounted a cream centre that had been swiped with Distress inks and stamped "Tea Goddess". I also had this awesome stamp of a 'tea party lady' - have not idea of the name or make (it was a buy up from a closing down sale) - which I stamped, then coloured with copics. I added micro beads for berries in the cake and then found these wings which would complicate this creation even more. Not enough to stop there, no I had to used some dried tea bags, that had been sprayed with the Moon Shadows and scratched around and find awesome fibres that I pulled through the tea bag and onto this concoction it went! This was a mammoth exercise and in hind sight, when I received the complete calendar back, I should probably played safe and stuck with the pastels ..... sorry girls!!  I probably won't get an invite to join the next calendar group!

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  1. I also had problems Moz. Mine didn't whizz. It started and then just stopped. Tried everything, then I happened to walk away and when I came back it was uploaded. It is stil lbeing tempremental and is very frustrating. Good luck.


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