Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tilly's Booties

When I saw the little booties featured on Tilly's blog, I was totally smitten! I am not a Gran nor do I have any little ones in my immediate family, but my dear friend Nirvani at work is a aunt again - see earlier post with the photo-card I made for her with the little on one it. So, who needs an excuse to make things this cute? Just need someone to give it to.  So I contacted Tilly and she so kindly gave me the link to download the pattern from. Next, what to make them out of. Being the practical girl I am, it needed to be easy to wash and have nothing on them that may harm a sweet little person, so to the rescue came Maureen, with scraps of polar fleece left over from her thousands of doggie jerseys she churns out each winter! I tried to find pieces that were not too busy, and cut them out. So very easy to make up. Then what to adorn them with?? Out came the crochet hook and what a job to match the pinks. Who would believe there are so many different shades of pink and yes, you guessed right, nothing I had in my stash toned in with my little booties. Off to the habby shop and found a close enough match and whipped up these little flowers. I took the booties off to work to give to Nirvani and what a stir they caused in the office. All the girls went all gooey over them - positively drooled and cooed and started talking that strange baby language we all use in such moments of weakness! They were wrapped, opened and re-wrapped several times before the day was over. By now they will be with the sweet little one and I hope the love they were made with, will help keep the precious little feet snug and warm!
Thank you Tilly, for sharing and bringing such happiness to me and mine!

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