Friday, August 6, 2010

Red Onions & Garlic

I started this project the first week in June and I have blogged it's progress. This was taken on 4th June. I had just laid down the colours of the onion.

The next step found me working on the dark's and lights in the onions and also getting the garlic's colours laid down. You an see the progress in the onions at this stage by comparing the two photo's.
After I was satisfied with the onions and garlic it  was time to work on the knife. I must say I struggle a lot with how dark to go, but Linda keeps telling me more, more, more......

and yes, she was right! One has to be sure that there is enough contrast to define your object.
Well, the pictures of the peppers and this project are now in Cape Town and I hope to help the kids select a frame and frame it up for them when we are down for the week-end later in the month.
I have started another project in yellows and greens......
It is going to be a very interesting journey and I will share my progress with you.
I hope you found this interesting.
Thanks for stopping by.....


  1. A lovely piece of art Moz. I am sure it will find a special place in its new home

  2. FABULOUS Mo a real masterpiece, will be sure and get in touch when i redecorate my kitchen. Beautiful!


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