Saturday, March 1, 2014

Happy Heart

Hello dear friends! 

It has been a roller coaster ride these last two weeks since Noah's birth, with him returning to hospital into the NICU last Tuesday. He had lost 12% of his birth weight due not feeding well. He has trouble 'latching on', but also had jaundice and was very weak because of that. The good news is that he is now taking in a full feed and has almost regained all his birth weight. The Paediatrician says, if he continues to take a full feed, with weight gain, he may be allowed to return home tomorrow!
We have been so blessed with prayers being offered up from North to South Pole! Everybody we know has roped in friends and prayer groups all over the world and it is only by God's grace that our little boy is doing so well. His parents have been to hell and back almost every day, with hopes roaring with a full feed and hearts sinking with rejection. They have been remarkable in every way and can't wait to bring home their little man!
Out grateful thanks to everyone who offered prayers and love! God Bless you!

A couple of housekeeping points. I have been receiving so much spam that I have switched on 'Moderate'. Whilst it won't affect your comments, it does mean that they won't show immediately. If it does not slow it down, I may be forced to switch on 'Word 
Verification', which I know is a pain, but it beats the disgusting span I have to deal with, so please bare with me.

The second item, is that I will create a page for "Noah" and will post all my Granny Brags and Photos to that page, just in case you get bored with or don't visit my blog for baby updates, just the creations! I will put a little 'Noah News' on the front 'page' so those who are interested, know to look at the latest happenings. Sorry if I have bored some of you, it's just such a momentous happening in my life, I like to share it!

OK, here is a card that I taught a couple of weeks ago. Very apt given that I have this special person in my life now and he does indeed Make my Heart Happy! I used that wonderful Anna Griffin folder set called 'Ribbon Roses' and the Docrafts Heart Dies. Very simple card that the beginners thoroughly enjoyed. In fact, one young man who attended the lesson, went off and rounded up an order for 100 of these cards! I wish him luck in his new business!

Would be great for an engagement card as well!

This is made using the strip folder included in the set.

A digital sentiment.
Well folks, just to wish you a wonderful week, with lots of love and laughter! Remember to seize the moments that make you happy!



  1. So sad that Noah had to take a trip back to the hospital but glad that he is improving and may go home shortly. It breaks your heart when they are so tiny and these things happen but they are also so resilient. I just hope his Mommy is getting some support because even the fact that he was having trouble latching will be so stressful for her. I remember when my first Grandchild was born, she had trouble latching for the first week and my daughter had lots of tears (thought it was her fault). We did a lot of walking a talking during the first month until the parenting routine was settling in and from that point on everything was good. When my second came along, she knew what to expect and things were much easier. Now they are 5 and 7 and that brings different challenges - like Fifth Disease that they both just had. They are now the little cesspools also known as school-age children :) Hang in there Grandma.

  2. Lovely post Moz. So glad that baby Noah is getting stronger. I love the card!!

  3. Oh that must have been so extremely difficult for you all, to see little Noah struggle so hard, but I am so happy and grateful that he's doing so much better now, keeping my fingers crossed so that you can take him home tomorrow! Your love for him will only continue to grow Moz, take care, wishing you all the best. Hugs, Ira x
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  4. What a beauty Moz! Love those hearts and the beautiful embossing! I am so glad to hear about Noah! I know it's been tough on you too my friend! Keep your chin up and shout if you need a coffee! Hugs, B xx

  5. Ahh Moz, what beautiful news. I am so happy to hear that Noah is doing better!

  6. Moz, what a beautiful card this is! I love the hearts!

    I hope you are doing well, and that all is well with your new grandson.
    BIG HUGS to you!


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