Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Chill time.....


Funny how your body and mind lets you know when it's time to chill or take a break from the normal routine! I just seem to get into the 'go slow' mode and cannot complete anything at all. Well, I've been in one of those slumps and am hoping I'm surfacing as I really have soooo much on my plate to take care of. I read somewhere this morning that Christmas is only 109 days away! I was just too tired to confirm this, so please don't take it as gospel! It does frighten me though, as the pace is now close to a trot and soon will be a jog and before long, a sprint to get everything taken care of. Are you as shaken with this news as I am??

Anyway, I digress as always! I wanted to show you a small project that I completed in my 'go slow' mode. Most times, just doing something different to the norm, gets the creative juices flowing again. When I saw this project on my 'travels' I just had to give it a go. The fact that I started it 4 times is now irrelevant as it was worth it! I was playing guessing games with wool, thickness, hook sizes, stitches and so on.....

So, here it is......

This holds my 'baby' knitting!
 It is just big enough for me to load my 'baby' knitting into and with the handles, very convenient to pick up and carry places with me. 

I also like that it is easy to wash!

This version used 4 strands of double knit acrylic yarn and a # 10 crochet hook. I had about 40 grams in total of yarn left over, so it worked out rather well.

I'm not the best crocheter, just limping along and having to check and recheck the different stitches in my reference book at the start of every project, so am rather pleased with myself the way this turned out!

Great for holding hand towels!

I did pack it with hand towels as I thought it would be great in the guest bathroom,  but in the end, my 'baby' knitting won!

It was also a thought to use a pure cotton thread in off white, but when I did the costing, it was just too expensive, so I stayed with the cheaper acrylic yarn.

So, that is out of the way now, and I am still not on top of the 'lull', but will keep going, with the hope my Mojo will be back up to steam shortly!

Thank you for listening to my!
Nice of you to pop in.

Oh YES! I am going to enter this into the Woolhogs Made It challenge for September. See the link in my sidebar.



  1. Hi Moz, so thrilled to have you back in the Made I challenge!!! Your crochet basket is brilliant and definitely on my to-do-list. Hope you are enjoying your go-slow xxxxx

  2. Oh Moz, that is the problem." Only 109 or so day until Christmas" and we can't be certain tomorrow will show up. Our thinking is all messed up don't you think. Lets just say "Thank You Lord" with each days dawning and take it as it comes.
    Thank you for all your beautiful creative work,and I really don't know how you manage to get it all done. You deserve a break ,don't you think?

  3. Ooh I really like this project Moz! I think you just have too much Mojo!

  4. Hello Moz, this basket is stunning. I imagine though the 4 strands and no 10 hook played havoc with your fingers, ouch! Well worth it though, because it is stunning. I'm not ashamed to say I will attempt to copy this LOL.

    109 days to Christmas? Where oh where did the year go? Thanks for the warning, its best we all start early!

    Godspeed with for that Mojo.


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