Monday, September 24, 2012

Back home......

View from our cottage at Paternoster
...... after the most amazing birthday holiday I've ever experienced! I have a few photo's to share, but more to still be uploaded, so may well post a few more later.

We started off with a few days in Cape Town and stayed at my son's flat at Green Point, which was central enough for us to walk around and visit the Waterfront, Green Point Gardens and do some shopping.

We took a day drive to Stellenbosh, Gordon's Bay and Franschoek where we had lunch. Love that place, and the food - spoilt for choice of amazing places to eat. Photo's of those places to follow.

Local fishermen going out to sea, at Patenoster
We drove up the Cape west coast on Thursday to Patenoster and arrived on a 'grey' day, but it cleared up and we experienced the most amazing weather, with it only turning and a cold front rolling in on the Sunday night.
We 'shared' a wedding on the beach. The bride wore
turquoise gumboots. She is at the back of picture,
hitching her dress high...
On the Saturday, there was much activity on the beach with a gazebo going up and chairs being placed in rows in front of it and lots of white drapes and some flowers being added to the gazebo and we realised there was a wedding ceremony about to take place. All the locals suddenly appeared and took up positions on the rocks where they enjoyed a good view of the proceedings. To our absolute delight and amusement, the bride wore turquoise gumboots and her husband to be, a turquoise hat! Must have been some kind of joke, or perhaps a bet! Perfect weather and a lovely ceremony. They went on to a restaurant on the beach for the rest of their celebrations.

 I doubt that I will ever witness anything like this again in my life!

On Sunday, my birthday, we went to this amazing restaurant for lunch. The menu was so good it was hard to choose, but we did it justice and I once again enjoyed the amazing fresh seafood on offer.

Flowers at the West Coast National Park

On the Monday, we motored back to Cape Town with a stop at the West Coast National Park. We were so lucky to see the beautiful flowers this area is so famous for, as it only lasts a week or two every year!
It looks like a carpet of colour and something I will always remember.  
A Springbok in the field of flowers
Yellow flowers on the coast side

How awesome is this!

A Riverboat that you can hire in the park and in the
background are houses also for hire.

Now perhaps, you can understand why I said it was the most awesome holiday ever. We spent it with those we love, in a little piece of God's magnificence, blessed with awesome weather, and I was spoilt rotten.
How does one thank your family for all they did to make this so special for me?
Could there be more happiness in store for me after this amazing experience? Only God knows.....


  1. Hi Moz! Happy Belated Birthday! Your photos have really captured the wonder of the west coast! I am so eager to go to Paternoster one day as we have not done that yet but we love the Cape! You must feel really refreshed ! I am so jealous that you got to enjoy lovely fresh seafood! Hope to meet you next week! Hugs, Brenda

  2. Oh what beautiful blessings! You richly deserve it, so I'm glad to hear you had such a fun time.


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