Sunday, September 16, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me.....

60 Today!!

Where has the time gone? Me? 60? Never..... lol!

Yes it has caught up with me. Looking back, would I change anything? Nothing at all.
Everything that has happened in my life, has brought me to this happy place I find myself in.

Happy, within myself. Happy in my faith. Happy because my wonderful husband of 40 years still only has eye's for me, warts and all. Happy, because my two darling son's are happy. Happy, because I still have my wonderful Father and 2 of my precious siblings still around. Happy, because I have some wonderful friends. Happy because I am able to use my creative talents and share with other. Happy, even with all my aches and pains, that I can get up every morning and be able to enjoy each day.

I am truly Blessed, that God has spared me all these years and would be grateful if he will continue to do so!

So today I celebrate my special birthday with my family, on holiday at Paternoster, where I am being spoilt rotten and loving every minute of it!

May your day be as happy as my day is!


  1. A very Happy Birthday Moz. Such a positive post , so pleased that you are loving your life. have a wonderful day and may the year ahead be filled with more contentment. xxx

  2. A little late... but... Happy Birthday!

  3. Sorry I'm a few days late Moz, but am glad you're having a lovely holiday and had fun with the CT girls. They're a wonderful bunch. Wish I was closer! Belated birthday hugs and wishes for the coming year. xxx

  4. Dearest Marcelle ... All the very best to you, because you so richly deserve that and more. We're so blessed having you in our lives! Thank you for being YOU.


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