Monday, June 18, 2012

Knitted Knee Rug

Many years ago, I bought this lovely cotton yarn and decided to knit a blanket/rug of sorts. Now, I am severely challenged keeping count of rows, even with a row counter, and no matter how hard I tried with the first pattern I could not get the squares all square and joined together in the right order. It was a knit and join as you go pattern. Part of the problem was and still is, that I work on far too many project at once and have to reacquaint myself with the pattern etc. every time I pick the project up. So, years later, after unpicking each project, I found this knitted from the center rug that grew and grew as you went. The only pattern part to remember was to increase on either side of the corners to shape the rug. Well, that I did after a fashion and if you look carefully, you will see the corner 'seam' snakes a little - probably because I got the increase wrong! Believe me, I was really challenged! However, given the snake like seams, I am very chuffed with the outcome. I even managed to run out of yarn on the last row of this project and had to make a plan as I was not going to unpick more than 600 stitches on circulars. It was a huge bundle on my lap as I worked it. In fact, the very center is a little out of shape as the balls of yarn used to sit in the pouch as I knitted, and I think it may have stretched that area. Never mind, I am sure with washing over a period of time, it will settle back into shape. It really was a lovely project - mindless knitting - so mindless, I forgot to do the increases on the corners, in spite of having rather large markers I had to manoeuvre to get on with the knitting.
So now, we have two new knee rugs in the house! Our Lab, eyes them longingly, but since she likes to play tug-o-war with her Daddy and her blanket, she can keep looking!
I'm feeling very proud of myself, with two rugs off the needles. It has freed up lots of space for new projects....ha-ha-ha!
Just to show you the double picot edge and crooked snake
like seam!

Taken in the late afternoon, hence the dappled sunlight.
It more than covers the circular table on the patio!

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  1. Moz, I am sure the snaking seam, won't matter when you are nice and cozy under your blanket. Great job to finish 2 projects.


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